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SVO: Ford Inventory Liquidation Sale ????

I came across this post on one of the newsgroups. I figured I'd post
it for anyone who can find it useful. I really don't know if this is
parts or manuals. good luck.

>Manual should be available from Helm Inc.  
>Helm Inc. Publications 
>       1-800-782-4356
>       Repair manuals.
>       http://www.helminc.com/
>       MERKUR materials are currently being deep discounted. 10/97.
>       To order from the '97 Ford Inventory Liguidation Sale call:
>       1-800-871-9488; this is the direct number to Leila.
>       If you have trouble, start at Helm's main #: 1-800-782-4356 and ask for
>       Ford Inventory Liquidation Sale.
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