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SVO: Re: Aligment Specs for 1988 TC ??

On Sun, 9 Nov 97 15:07:58 +0000, you wrote:

>In a message dated 11/8/97 8:05:36 AM Eastern Standard Time,
>corvetter@worldnet.att.net writes:
>> I have a 1988 TC which I switched over to 245-50-16 on stock rims they
>>  are about 1" lower than stock. It use to handle fine but now that I
>>  switched over to the new tires it will dart or wander over the ruts on
>>  the hi way that the trucks made. It still drives straight. I was
>>  thinking that the new tires have more grip and is now giving me a toe
>>  out condition.
>I noticed that wide tires tend to follow the grooves in the road. This seems
>to be more noticable when changing lanes on a well used road.  Steering
>effort might also be a little harder now also.  Your tire size is approaching
>the size of an 89' Vette's tires. Have you drove a car with this wide of a
>tire before?
>Brett- 85 TbirdTC: on skinny 225 60 15

Yep I Have a 1985 Corvette and I know that feeling. Like driving down
a bobsled course. I think the wheelbase in the Vette is not the
standard width so it hunts between the ruts.It only happened in the
Vette when the road was wet and only when the ruts were really bad. On
the TC it happens all the time and on roads with very little ruts or
grades. Maybe my bushings are going soft. Anyway I got my car aligned
and we found the right caster to be off and the right wheel bearing to
be a little on the loose side. So it was tighten and aligned and now
it seems to be tracking a little straighter but it's been raining
these last few days and I'm not going to push the car hard, so I can't
really tell if it fixed that wandering thing. 

Has anyone tried those 80$ castor/camber bubble things that attach to
the wheel by magnets ? I was thinking of getting one of those and a
toe ruler/stick to do my own alignment so I could fine tune my car to
my own taste without having to go back and forth to the shop to have
it done every time I change a bushing/strut/mount/ect...