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Re: Please forgive me, I have committed high SVO treason!!!

It's about time you got an S.V.O.!!!!!
At 07:47 PM 11/17/97 -0500, Chris Costanzo wrote:
>    40 lashes with a wet noodle......
>        10 Hail Mary's...........
>           Safe driving school.......
>  OK, we'll let you slide on the school this time if you promise not to do
>it again.  Gee, I wish the cops would say that once in a while :)  Well,
>sorry to hear about the loss.  Have fun finding a "cheap" SVO.  I'm still
>trying to steal my buddies `85.  He bought it from some guy in his mid-30's
>for $100.  That's right folks,  $100.  I could have killed them both  (still
>thinking about it actually).  It had a bad head gasket and the guy didn't
>want to replace it again.  3rd time it happened and the guy said it was too
>much work.  Well, now my friend can't afford to fix it so I'm trying to get
>it off him for a little under $1000.  Nice profit for him, awesome car for
>me :)  I'll look for another one for you though, cuz this one's........MINE!
>MINE! ALL MINE!    :)
>                                                Bug Bug