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Re: SVO: BFGoodrich Comp T/A's...

 The largest tire you can safely fit on a 7" wheel, like the S.V.O., is a
225/50/16.The 245/45/16, if memory serves me correctly, requires a
8"wheel.I can guarantee you that the 245/50/16 will not fit properly.Both
of the larger tires will rub on a lowered car or a stock 84 even.Check with
the tire supplier and ask them if it is a safe fitment for that size wheel,
they have books to look this information up in.Good Luck.


At 11:29 AM 11/17/97 -0800, Kenny Baxter wrote:
>Can anyone tell me if they have any problems running 245/50/16's on their 
>SVO?  Funds are tight, but Discount Tire has Comp T/A's for $99 each ($418, 
>delivered to CA).  They have 245/45/16's too, but they are 20 bucks more a 
>pop (remember, money is tight!).  I'd love to hear from anyone...
>If the 50 series rub too much, I guess that I'll have to dig a bit deeper 
>into my pockets.  
>Thanks for any info...
>ps. My '86 SVO has Eibachs (about a 1.25" drop) and stock rims...