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Re: SVO: Headers, injectors, turbo's

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Ronald Larsen wrote:

> Also, what's the consensus on using bigger injectors without updating
> the computer?  Can the vane meter be modified to run with the new
> injectors?(or the new mass air unit for that matter)  I know the VAN
> unit can be adjusted but never gave it a shot. 
It may work, but I doubt it.  

> And lastly, anybody else have experience with the ceramic bearings in the turbo?
Has anybody priced the ceramic bearings? Something tells me it would be
pretty expensive.  Dont you need to change the whole center section?
And they are not that big of a deal.  They talk about how great they are,
and how they have less friction than the oil bushings, but as usual, you
are only getting half of the story.  Look at it this way.....how can any
rolling contact bearing(ball bearing) have less friction than a bearing
where there is no contact at all.  At low shaft speeds, the ceramic balls
have less friction, i think cuz i heard the ball bearings do away with the
thrust bearing.  But when the shaft speeds up, and the thrust load is not
as great, the plain bushings are better.  Every peice of literature I read
about ceramic ball bearing centers stressed how low friction they were,
butonly low rpm stuff is mentioned.  While talking to the tech guy from
Turbonetics(the main performance place to buy these things), I asked him
about that, and even said I was right.  But he just stressed how important
the transient was.
I can replace my stock bearings for about 30 dollars, or upgrade to a
steel thrust bearing that wont wear out for ~50.  I would guess it costing
a few hundred to do the ball bearing thing, and I could find ways to get
more improvement than jus faster spool up elsewhere for that money.


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