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Re: Ssssssmokin'!!...my .02

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Cory Erickson wrote:

> Scott:
> First you should try to determine what kind of smoke it is. It definitely
> sounds like a vacuum related problem. I would definitely look in the
> intake track for traces of oil (breather/PCV/turbo).

definatly not......like i said, I have no breathers/pcv on the car...
and the smoke is whitish.

> seals. Have you done the highway coasting trick? 

tell me more. I hav eno idea what you are tlakin about, but if I go down
the hiway, and let off the gas with it in gear, it blows smoke like a
mother fucker for aobut 30 seconds.

Also, if it were the
> exhaust seal of the turbo, you would see it more than just under a
> negative load (like off idle).

> As far as the intake gasket goes, if it wasn't sealing right I'm sure you
> would notice it at 18PSI. There's a lot of distance between the water and
> middle two intake ports...If it were an issue of burnt antifreeze, I would
> suspect the head gasket.

I dont think its a head gasket, because its smokin at the absolute
lightest load of all.....the reason I was thinkin intake gasket was
becasue lettiong the foot off the gas with the motor still in gear creates
the highest vacuum of all...

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