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Re: SVO: Ssssssmokin'!!

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, Floyd wrote:
> When you started talking about a plugged up PCV it sort a rang a bell.
> I had built a Toyota motor and plugged up all of the emissions
> (Thinking I don't need them anymore) including the PCV valve. When I
> took it for a test ride around the block and I let off of the gas all
> hell broke loose because of the back pressure developed in the
> crankcase had no where to go. The engine blew off 2 rubber gaskets
> that was on the valve cover in a loud pop and was leaking oil out of
> all of the gaskets including the valve guides which leaked oil in the
> cylinders and out the tailpipe ala smoke.
> Needless to say I found out what the "Positive Crankcase Ventilation
> Valve" is used for. Hope that helps your problem. 

Ima give it a shot...O yeah, dunno if it is related, but it backfires LOUD
sometimes too on decelleration.


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