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Re: Ssssssmokin'!!...my .02

Scott Shidel... wrote:

> I dont think its a head gasket, because its smokin at the absolute
> lightest load of all.....the reason I was thinkin intake gasket was
> becasue lettiong the foot off the gas with the motor still in gear creates
> the highest vacuum of all...

In no way am I an expert, but it sounds like it has to be coolant
(you said it was white smoke, right?).  It seems to me that the
head gasket is the only thing that it could be.  Where else could
coolant get into the exhaust where it would be affected by vacuum
so much?  Seems like the only other place coolant is even close to
the exhuast is in a water-cooled turbo, and if that were leaking,
it would be constant...

There's no coolant exposed to the intake manifold, is there?
I've never had my intake off, but I thought it was just a
chunk-o-metal like the exhaust manifold - no coolant passages.