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Re: Ssssssmokin'!!...my .02


I vote for a turbo/PCV problem...think of it as a little crankcase that
has to be evacuated also.

It will smoke like a bitch if things get "backed-up" without fouling the
plugs.  If you think about it, that's the only thing that will do that,
because it's after the cylinder.  It'll run fine, not foul the plugs...and
leave a Bat-Screen that Adam West would be proud of -- under light loads.  

When you step on it, the exhaust pressure goes up, the wheel heats up and
the oil burns off, so the smoke diminishes or stops.

I chased this problem for about 2 months when I first did the turbo swap
in '84...ended up that I didn't have the right oil filler/breather cap.
It let too much air into the crankcase and the turbo oil would get

If the turbo is good -- hook up the PCV system.