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Re: SVO: Re: Some Ideas on Preformance Exhaust For The Turbo Coupe

We do not sell and exhaust system for the SVO or the T-Bird. We just sell the
best systems for the Merkur XR4TI. With our 2.3 EFI turbo motors, you will
gain tons of performance with a 3'' downpipe and a high flow 2 1/2'' or
3''cat.  A single exhaust system with bigger pipe would flow better then a
dual system with two smaller pipes. When we have a SVO or  T-Bird at our shop
we use the Dyno-Max rear tailpipe for a 5.0 LX, left side for the SVO and
right for the T-Bird. THe pipe is 2 1/2'' od. We install a 3'' downpipe and
3'' cat, run a 3'' cat back pipe into a 3'' inlet and outlet muffler. We take
the Dyno-Max tail pipe and open it up to 3'' at the inlet to the pipe. I know
this system/ set-up works better then the Borla, because we have tried it. We
no not mail order any exhaust parts for the SVO or T-Bird.