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Re: SVO: """""MASS-AIR KIT IS DONE """"''

The Modern Performance mass-air system has been tested and used on cars with
the small and the large VAF meter cars. It also has been tested and used on
42 lbs injector cars. With any set-up the results have been great. Noticably
faster turbo spool-up, crisper throttle response, stronger lowend and the
entire power band is much smoother.

The meters are modified exclusively for Modern Performance  by Pro-M and they
are sold to us as modified 76mm meters. We do not make any claims other then
what Pro-M has done for us.

We do plan running a full program of dyno testing. We will be dyno testing
the mass-air system on every type of combo we can. From 100% stock to fully
street modified cars. We all also be doing some track testing when they
We do not now or ever claim that our mass-air system will gain anyone tons of
top end power.
The mass air system will measure and process air flow changes dramatically
faster with a higher degree of accuracy. With our system the pressure drop
acrooss the outlet of the meter is reduced from about 1 psi to less then 1/4
psi. This along with the other advantages will help you make more power over
the modifications you have done.