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Re: More swap

On Fri, 07 Nov 1997 04:04:56 -0800 "Joseph L. McMullen"
<mullen@clover.net> writes:
>I am having trouble with e-mail last message didn't go through.
>The Mustang does not have distributorless system, I will use the
>distributor out of the TC. Also the SCCA rules do not allow nitrous. I
>am planing on running in C-Prepared class against 5.0 Mustangs. I am
>hoping that with the 4cylinder turbo the light weight will make up for
>the lack of horsepower. Currently i have been only a 1/2 sec off the 
>boys on a 45 sec course. What do you think of doubling up on head
>gaskets to reduce my high compression? Haven't had any detonation
>problems by using Sunoco 94 with octane boost
>thanks Joe McMullen

If you can, find a Race Boat shop that sells CAM2 fuel 104 octane.  

Although I haven't tried it out on a 2.3 turbo, it works great on
naturally aspirated 2.3L engines.