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Re: [Fwd: SVO: """""MASS-AIR KIT IS DONE """"'']

Scott Shidel... wrote:

> Like steve blaming the jagged power curve of the mass air kit on the Tiny
> Avenger thing on the ignition......

Speaking of which, I finally got to read all three articles, thanks
to the guy that scanned them into his web server.  I liked the first
article, they made some really good, reasonably documented gains with
the standard stuff.  It WAS funny that the Motorsport roller cam, and
Steve's mass air didn't gain them squat.  They ran a butt-load of
air through that stock meter, and it did fine.  Just like Joe said ;-).
After all of Mike Fleming's claims to the contrary, it was interesting
that they HAD to disconnect the knock sensor to get anywhere.

Even for all the BS, at least I was finally able to get some real
pressure drop and efficiency data for the Tbird IC...and it doesn't
appear to be a big gain over the stock one, I don't know why they
couldn't be bothered to test it at the same time...