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Re: SVO: Re: Some Ideas on Preformance Exhaust For The Turbo Coupe


   From what I'm seeing, it sounds like I could do the following with my 
86 SVO exhaust (???):
     Get a 3" downpipe (sans cat) from Classic Corral (about $130)
     Get 2.5" DynoMax cat-back exhaust kit for a 5.0 (about $250)
     Use the stock y-pipe
   Will all of that work?  Can I just bolt it up myself, or is there 
more to it than that?  If I can get away with that for around $400 buck, 
I think I just might be able to afford a Xmas present for myself--an ATR 
   Thoughts, comments, advice--all are welcome!
   Thanks Dave!
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> >  I know a Guy that has his own muffler shop. He says you could use a
> > mandrel bent EX from a mustang ( I think it was an LX)  
> On an SVO, yes.
> > It can be used
> > in the Thunderbird Turbo Coupe if you weld on about a foot of 
> > pipe from the tailpipe to the muffler. 
> True, gonna do the smae thing to the Lincoln...
> > same size . He said for the price it's not worth it. He told me you
> > can go 2 ways with cat: 1- buy a "3 stock cat from a big block V 8 
> > weld it in or make flanges to make it look stock and  then fight 
> > the inspection station, or 2- take you'r stock cat and do a port job
> > to make the less turbulent and flow better which is cheaper and is
> > less problem at the inspection station and is very close to the 
> > flow" type of cat. He said you really not going to see any results
> > with a 3" cat unless you go radical with your engine and at that 
> I disagree, but have no facts to back it up other than saying, look at 
> two 90degree bends that the exhaust must take.  This can not be cured 
> porting, only by replacement.
> #" cats are not that much.  $150 or less, if you shop around.
> > He did say a 3"
> > down pipe would help but not as much as a bigger tailpipe/muffler
> > which needs to be changed first to make a down pipe flow better
> > anyway. 
> I don't agree, but only have my observations to go on.  Granted both 
> better, but as exhasut gas cools it  needs less space.  That's why a 
> system diminishes in size from front to rear.  Ergo, make big tubing
> (downpipe) at front.  Yes, the rear will help too, but I believe that 
> improved compopnets contribution to poewr is almost equal.
> > He use to like the FlowMaster
> > mufflers (and still does because their a heavy gauge)  but he showed
> > me a new Dynomax muffler that just came out that are inexpensive and
> > are copied from the Borla muffler we put the 2 side by side and they
> > are very much the same. 
> I prefer the Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers, for their quietness, 
> and flow.  They're also cheaper than the competion.  I have a 
Flowmaster in
> my single exhaust, and it's too loud.
> > Another neat trick he told me was to wrap the
> > exhaust from the head to the turbo and the EX turbo housing its self
> > to keep the gasses hot or in a expanded state so your turbine can 
> > up to speed faster. 
> This works like you think, but it will destroy all thes compenents in 
> order.  Do NOT do this!
> Dave
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