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SVO: A couple of questions...

Hi everyone! This is my first post to the SVO mailing list.
I've got a 85.5 Jalapeno red SVO. Cloth seats, no sunroof, build date
06-12-85 and have a couple of questions. It has a problem at idle. It doesn't
do it all the time, very sporadic, but but the idle sticks sometimes at say
1200-1500 rpm, but then jumps back down. I've heard this might be due to the
TPS sensor. Also, the fan doesn't seem to come on unless the car is "VERY"
hot. I owned a silver '84 SVO a few years ago and can remember the fan doing
about the same thing. Anyone have a fix for that?
I'm currently looking for a replacement leather shift knob, and would like to
get some 85.5-86 flush headlight pieces, lenses,adjustment bracket etc..

I would also like to track down my old SVO. I sold it, I believe in '91 or
'92, to a guy from Indiana. I should have kept it, but had too many cars at
the time. It's a silver '84, cloth seats,factory sunroof,has quadra
shocks,and came without factory air conditioning. The VIN is:

Danny Young
94 Lincoln Mark VIII
88 Mustang GT conv.
85.5 Mustang SVO