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Re: SVO: Ssssssmokin'!!

When I rebuilt the 302 in my ranger I had the same problem for the first
1000 miles or so.  After that I went away.  If you didn't rebuild it
recently then it is probably a leaking gasket that sucks oil in when the
vacuum is high in the intake.

At 04:36 PM 17/11/97 -0500, Scott Shidel... wrote:
>Hey all, I got a question...Sorry if you get repeats, cuz this is goin to
>both 2.3 Lists...
>Anyhow, i got the Pinto fired up for the first time in a while over the
>weekend.  Runs pretty string, and smooth, etc.  But, it smokes like CRAZY
>when I first let off the gas and coast(in gear), like when a lite turns
>red up ahead of me.  The exhast is crystal clear when I acclerate, cruise,
>idle, all the time, except it billows smoke for about 5 secs when I take
>my foot off the gas.  I can rule out pulling the oil from the PCV system,
>becasue the one that goes into the intakje manifold is plugged, and the
>breather fell out of the vavle cover last time at the track and I havnet
>gotten another yet.  If it was the turbo, I figure it would do it more
>than just when I let off, and same goes for the valve guides/seals.  FWIW,
>when the smole is puffin, its bad enuff to burn your eyes.  
>I also figure if it is a ring/piston/head gasket prob, it would show up
>when the car is under leoad too...
>I wonder if maybe my intake seal is bad(how I have no idea), and the
>vacuum gets really strong and somehow pulls water in thru the intake port?
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