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SVO: Tires

Hi everyone.  Thanks to everyone that gave me (and the rest of the group 
members) their input and advice regarding the tires I should run on my '86 
SVO.  Here is a summary of what I have heard:

225/50/16's -- (Stock tire size) obviously will work on any SVO.   

245/45/16's -- Will fit on SVO's (even those lowered slightly--1" to 
1.25"), but will rub a bit on the strut if the suspension is compressed to 
an extreme.  Jeff Dalbec has these on his '85 SVO (which I personally went 
to look at).  They look great, and show no signs of rubbing on the fender 
lips.  You should probably "roll" your fender lips just to be safe.

245/50/16's -- Will fit, but definitely will rub the struts up front.  
Might even rub on the fender lips.  Definitely roll your lips if you are 
going to run these.

If you are going to do any real track time (road course) or autocrossing, 
I'd personnally say to stay away from the 245/50's.  

Now, I have gone to the "Tire Rack" website, and also  the "Discount Tire 
Direct" webpage.  I've done some comparing, and I have found that "Discount 
Tire Direct" has cheaper prices.  Also, Discount Tire states that you can 
go to any America's Tire Company store and have them mounted for free (you 
still have to pay for balancing, though).  Below I have given both URL's so 
you can compare for yourself.  I hope this helps.  Again, thanks to 
everyone for all the help!

  1986 SVO
  The Tire Rack -->  http://www.tirerack.com/
  Discount Tire Direct -->  http://www.tires.com/