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Re: Ssssssmokin'!!...my .02

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Carl Morris wrote:

> There's no coolant exposed to the intake manifold, is there?
> I've never had my intake off, but I thought it was just a
> chunk-o-metal like the exhaust manifold - no coolant passages.

Yep, there is. Between the middle two intake ports is a rectangular
coolant port. The ECT sensor screws right into the top of this passage on
my '88 manifold.

Scott, you should try the highway-coast test. Run the car up to 60 or so
and let it coast down to 30 in gear (like 3rd, keeping the revs up).  When
you get to 30, step on it moderately and bring it back up to 60 again. 
When did it smoke? If it smokes when you are coasting, it most likely is
the stem seals. The high vacuum in the ports literally suck the oil
through the stems if your seals are old. I would think you would see
something on your plugs though. 

I do have to agree with Joe though, if you are not venting the crankcase
well, you might have some ingestion through the rings or the seals in the