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Re: Ssssssmokin'!!...my .02

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, Cory Erickson wrote:

> Scott, you should try the highway-coast test. Run the car up to 60 or so
> and let it coast down to 30 in gear (like 3rd, keeping the revs up).  When
> you get to 30, step on it moderately and bring it back up to 60 again. 
> When did it smoke? If it smokes when you are coasting, it most likely is
> the stem seals. The high vacuum in the ports literally suck the oil
> through the stems if your seals are old. I would think you would see
> something on your plugs though. 
> I do have to agree with Joe though, if you are not venting the crankcase
> well, you might have some ingestion through the rings or the seals in the
> turbo.

I would be willing to say valve seals, as I never changed them..mine are
junkyard issue..as for the PCV stuff, I doubt it cuz I NEVER had it hooked
up in the past year and and a half and it just started smoking, and doin
it in a big way.... 


-71 Pinto, stock 2.3 turbo, 13.67@98, radials
	Big intercooler ON!
	T4 Compressor soon to be on!
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