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SVO: RE: What's it worth???

> Sam what's the deal on the 2 SVOs hiding out "in the back" are they for
> sale?

No, they won't let 'em go.  It's kinda funny.  They sell used Mustang 
parts, but if you ask for SVO anything they'll blow you off like they don't 
have any idea of what your talking about.  

I was in there about a year ago looking for a headlight setup for my 86.  
They said that they didn't have anything and just about ran me off the 
grounds.  I ended up buying my 85 to temporarily borrow the lights off of 
from a guy in Dallas (who had three at the time) who told me that they 
were sitting on at least one SVO.

Two months later, I was looking for a door for a friend and was allowed 
to walk through their warehouse/museum.  They have 2 SVOs, a 79 pace car, 
conv and hatch 20th annivs, cobras, all of the anniv. camaros/firebirds, 
GNs, a GNX...some are for sale, but they wouldn't even let me make an 
offer on the SVOs.

Oh well,
85&86 SVOs