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Sewer Pipe Exhaust ;-)

I have another dilema. I need new exhaust by next spring, and I don't
know just how to go about it. I have been told by many that a single 3"
would be great and would fit fine under my SVO, but the problem is where
do I get it? I could have some local guys do it but they arn't going to
mandral bend anything(although they can weld in mandrel bent angles) and
they also seem to want too put those "Catilac Converters";) on it(just
ask cory), which i don't feel that I need because it is a "race" vehicle
and I live in ND.
Is there a good place to buy Off road exhaust systems that won't cost
more than I payed for my car? Any Ideas, I hate doing this stuff myself,
but if I have to...

    '84 SVO Mustang
    "Knowlege is HorsePower"