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Re: SVO: Some Ideas on Preformance Exhaust For The Turbo Coupe

> I know a Guy that has his own muffler shop. He says you could use a
>mandrel bent EX from a mustang ( I think it was an LX)  It can be used
>in the Thunderbird Turbo Coupe if you weld on about a foot of straight
>pipe from the tailpipe to the muffler. 

        Well, it's not quite that simple.  For one, the Turbo Coupe uses a
dual fuel pump syatem like the early SVO's.  It is used up to `86 I believe
and this must be converted to a single in-tank unit first to make room for
the mufflers (unless you run Turbo Tubes).  Second, the Stang pipes are too
short.  Third, the fuel tank on the T-bird interfears with the passenger
side hanger. 
        I was there when Alex Bernard (East Coast exhaust guru) of "Alex's
Exhaust" bent the exhaust on my `84 Turbo Coupe.  He used DynoMax Turbo
Tubes on mine, so the pump was left alone.  He custom bent a 3" downpipe and
Y-pipe.  Then the Tubes were installed.  The passenger side tube itself
needed to be bent to clear the fuel pump.  Then, he only used the "over
axle" section of Mustang tailpipes.  He welded a custom bend on the ends of
the "over axle" piece, and then welded on stainless steel tails.  On the
passenger side, you MUST bend up the lip on the outer edge of the fuel tank.
Then, you have to use a universal hanger bolted to the rear framerail and
bend it out to hold the tail away from the tank.
        See, it's not that hard :)  The exhaust alone, on a car whose only
mods at the time were a Dynomax muffler in the stock exhaust, and a FMS
roller cam, netted an extra 2 psi of boost and a noticable power difference.
Well worth it, but not cheap due to custom fabrication.  I asked about using
the tails from an `87-88 Turbo Coupe, but found that they are only 1 7/8"
pipe.  Far from adequate for performance use.  However, you could also go to
a shop that bends pipe and have them use the angle card for `87-88 tails and
use it to bend 2 1/4" pipe.  This may be easier if making the exhaust yourself.

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