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Re: SVO VAM wanted

FFASTSVO@aol.com wrote:
>   I am looking for an SVO VAM - cheap (college student), because I mine has a
> flat spot from 2-3K.  If it matters any, I have a so-so Merkur unit that
> would help in the aquisition.  Thanks.
> -Eric
> P.S. any Junkyards in the L.A. area with our cars?


I think you were one of the poeple that was interested in something i
was selling when i was parting out my TC... Anyways, i do still have the
Rapido SVO+ Computer and Vane meter package... it just sitting in my
room collecting dust...  If yer interested in it, youll need an
intercooler, and possibly a SVO intake <with the knock sensor on the
side> ...  I didnt have the SVO intake on my car, and i didnt have any
problems, however rapido recommends it... Anyways, Rapido sells the kit
with the intake/knocksensor for better than $800...  Ill sell it w/out
the intake for $165 <the price includes shipping> ...  Simply because i
dont have a Ford anymore, and i dont plan on getting another in the near
future <im lookin' at getting a 94 Talon TSI AWD> :) ...  Anyways, just
one thing about the VAM/Computer kit... if you have an XR with an
automatic tranny, dont even think of putting this is, cuz you will burn
it out .....   Anyways, let me know whatcha think...  BTW, the computer
has remapped fuel and timing curves, and i believe the rev limiter has
been moved up to 6500 <if my tach was accurate> ...  If your interested
and want more info on it, let me know, and when i get home <im at work
right now> ill get the part number, and you can call Rapido and ask them
anything ya wanna know :)  ..   Talk to ya later!!