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Re: Huh?

On Thu, 20 Nov 1997, joseph edward morgan wrote:

> >>The mass air system will measure and process air flow changes
> dramatically
> faster with a higher degree of accuracy. With our system the pressure drop
> acrooss the outlet of the meter is reduced from about 1 psi to less then
> 1/4
> psi. This along with the other advantages will help you make more power
> over
> the modifications you have done.
> Say what?????
> Anybody gonna drill him on this bullshit, or am I gonna have to come out
> of "hibernation"...:)

come out...dave is sick of our negative attitude...

> Joe


-71 Pinto, stock 2.3 turbo, 13.67@98, radials
	Big intercooler ON!
	T4 Compressor soon to be on!
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