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I jus got back from the track!  Went to the 1/8t hmile tonite.  Changes on
the car is Iput on a exhaust pipe!  Consists of a stock merkur downpipe,
and after the balljoint, a 2.5" krinkle bend 45 degree going to a ~2 foot
section of pipe that exits at the passenger door.  I also have th eVolvo
intercooler on, and its cool.  and my small vane meter fell off the car,
and the only mater I had was a large meter and the car is running so ruch
it fouled out the plugs.  hell it runs so rich my eyes were bloodshot
after every pass they burned so bad!!  So I bet my a/f ratio wasntr
helping power.  O yeah, reason its so far off is the spring in it is
WAAYout of adjustament.  But other than that, its same old car.
  I made a
few passes on the 225-60-16 generic radials in the 8.8@82 range, but the
wheel hop from the worn shocks made me give up on the radials and bolt on
the slicks.
  First pass, I got a 1.776 sec 60 foot, PULLIUNG THE FRONT
WHEEL ABOUT AFOOT OFF THE GROUND!!!  imedeiatly followed byu me fraking
out and crossing the center line almost plowing over the tree!  But I
stayed in it swervin all the way down thge track, running a 8.6@82, with
15psi of boost.
  Next run, I upped the boost to 18psi, and got a nice
straight launch pulling the tire agian, getting a 1.64 60', and a
8.10@85mph 1/8th mile.That should be a definate 12 second pass!  Iran
13.67@98 or whatever before, and the 1/8th mile time was 8.6X, but only
80mph. I have 5 more mph than Iused to!
  I went back and rasied the boost
to get my no bullshit 7 second timeslip, and during the burnout I blew the
intercooler pipe off that I have running behind the radiator.  Go back to
the pit, fix the pipe and see water dripping on the ground..What the
hell???  Dammit dammit dammit..I was pissed. I punched a hole in the
radiator manhandling the damn pipe...my day was done.  
But I knwo I can do it...Next time to the track, the car WILL run a 12,
with the stock turbo, unported exhaust manifold, stock cam, unported
everything, stock stock stock except the intercooler basically!


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-71 Pinto, stock 2.3 turbo, 13.67@98, radials
	8.1@85 1/th mile on slicks
	Big intercooler ON!
	T4 Compressor soon to be on!

-85 Merkur, let the modding begin!