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Re: SVO: Re: Some Ideas on Preformance Exhaust For The Turbo Coupe

We have sold 100's of our 3'' downpipes for the Merkur XR4TI. They have
worked out great, most people have found more power gains with this pipe
added then the gains with the Borla system alone. One list member found with
 G-Tech that he gain upto 11hp after he installed the pipe. Most if not all
systems have been used with the stock 2 1/4'' cat. As for the full round
mandrel bending of the downpipe, our pipe is mandrel bent but not full round
and the gains have been great. The exhaust gas will stay to the outside of
the bend not the inside of the bend. Some people get a hangup about not
haveing  full round bent pipe. It is not needed unless you are useing a pipe
size that is to small.  The bigger downpipe acts like a big expansion
chamber. It will let more exhaust exit the turbo in less time the the stock
pipe. The turbo will spool up faster the higher before the backpressure
builds up from the rest of the exhaust system. If you have a 2.3 turbo it
will work much better the stock downpipe. You will more power with a single
3'' system then a smaller dual system.
When doing testing you need to keep things even or the test do not mean much.
The car that may come in at 2,600 lbs does not show much to anyone who is
driving a modern car that comes in around 3,000. This is why the owerns of
lite cars can get away with borderline thinking and steups and still survive,
they do not have the same amout of load to deal with.