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Re: listening to gurus was Sig

Scott wrote:

>... Everyone else wants to listen to the "gurus" that have
> 14 second cars, modified.

I take some offense to that remark.  I have the 86 SVO running an 
altitude corrected 13.60@96.7 with only a K&N, TC Intercooler, 3" 
downpipe, ATR dual 2.5", and 17psi.  I listen to the gurus as well as 
you guys and use what all hot-rodder use and know.  

It is my personal belief (based on testing) that the TC Intercooler 
does give 10-15hp and 3" downpipe does help over the 2.25 downpipe.  

People claim that porting a head does little for the horsepower but 
maybe that is because the porter has no clue what he is doing.  Has 
anybody ever taken their head to a Sprint Car engine builder?  Those 
guys know how to make a 2.3L head really work. I am hoping to take my 
spare head to a guy in Arizona to have fully ported and hope to put 
the roller cam that Joe is working on to the test next summer.

Just my coments, take them however you want.

Chris Roth
98 Black Contour SVT
85 Bright Red SVO
86 Silver Metallic SVO