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        Hey Guys,
  Last night, while sitting at a light, I say the STRANGEST SVO I have ever
seen.  It passed me rather slowly so I got a somewhat decent look.  The car
was purple (looked likr the new Mustang purple).  It had T-tops, `93 Cobra
side skirts and rear valence, duals with like 3" tips, and polished stock
SVO wheels with mega-low profile tires (were talkin like 35 series).  The
front end was definately `85.5-86 SVO and it looked to have SVO tail lights,
but can't be sure.  As for the wing, it had an SVO style dual spoiler, but
the upper was HUGE.  It looked kind of like the Cosworth wing for the XR's.
  What the hell was this thing?  I've seen custom SVO's before, but did
SVO's ever come with T-tops?  Could this thing have really been an SVO, or
was it just a Stang upgraded to SVO specs?  The exhaust sounded like
Flowmasters, but not like a 5.0L.  Had a higher pitch, leading me to believe
it did have an SVO motor.  I tried to chase him, but it took a while for my
light to change.  I shot down the road at "far from legal" speeds to try to
catch him and ask him about the car, but he disapeared (must have turned
off).  Anyone ever seen a car like this?  It was in King of Prussia  PA on
Rt 202.  Couldn't see what state the plates were, so it coud have been out
of town.  All I know, is this car looked AWESOME.
                                        Bug Bug