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On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Scott Shidel... wrote:
>   First pass, I got a 1.776 sec 60 foot, PULLIUNG THE FRONT
> WHEEL ABOUT AFOOT OFF THE GROUND!!!  imedeiatly followed byu me fraking
> out and crossing the center line almost plowing over the tree!  But I
> stayed in it swervin all the way down thge track, running a 8.6@82, with
> 15psi of boost.
>   Next run, I upped the boost to 18psi, and got a nice
> straight launch pulling the tire agian, getting a 1.64 60', and a
> 8.10@85mph 1/8th mile.That should be a definate 12 second pass!  Iran
> 13.67@98 or whatever before, and the 1/8th mile time was 8.6X, but only
> 80mph. I have 5 more mph than Iused to!

OK Scott now you have me curious, You say that you have a near stock 2.3, 
but me being a newby on the list I don'tknow what drive train you have, 
such as trany, rearend, gears, and how much does that pinto weigh? I find 
lifting the front tire to be VERY impressive mostly because it looks 
cool. And a 12 sec run is great! Now what am I going to have to do to get my 
SVO to do that.... Hmmm
	BTW- you should put your car specs on your web page also.

	84 SVO Mustang
	"Knowledge is HorsePower"