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Re: Huh?

joseph edward morgan wrote:

> 1) You can't make a computer "process" faster by changing what is in the
> data tables.

This is true, I figured it's possible that the signal from a real
mass-air meter reacts more quickly to changing flow than the vane
meter and that THAT's what he's trying to claim is "faster processing".

> 2) Just how do you measure "PSI drop" across the meter?

Same way you measure flow in anything else, I assume.  Attach to
each end of the part with air at two different pressures, and see
how many cfm flow through it, or else vary the pressure drop until
you reach a target cfm to get psi drop.  Are you thinking he never
flow benched the parts, or that he never put pressure sensors on
each side and simply ran it down the road, or both? ;-)  I'm
assuming he never did those things either, but that he got numbers
from somewhere for pressure drop at a certain flowrate...

> You don't have to "know" the answers to ask the questions.

I try not to ask questions I don't really want to know the answer
to, though ;-).