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On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Carl Morris wrote:

> Scott Shidel... wrote:
> > -car weighs 2380lbs
> This is useful information! ;-)  I show 98-99 mph in the quarter
> to be 175-180hp at your weight.  I'm thinking you'll be at 104ish
> now, which will put you at 205-210hp.  So, about a 30hp gain for
> the IC, while running weird due to the meter thing.  Pretty good.
> So did you have NO IC before, or were you using an SVO or Tbird
> one?
well, I had a strarion and a audi 5000 intercooler on it before, and
between those and no intercooler at all my variance in mph was about 1
O yeah, Carl, that 2380 is without me in it...add 180 lbs to the weight.

I am not sure either way, but joe says there is a chance the screwed up
meteris helping the car.  I guess sayin that it may be supplying extra
needed fuel.


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