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SVO: Vortech Aftercooler

Sorry guys if this is a repeat.. The smartworx server spit is back to me,
so I'm not sure...


>Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 13:48:35 -0500
>To: SVO@SmartWorx.com
>From: Turbo Thunderbird Homepage <turbocoupe@geocities.com>
>Subject: Vortech Aftercooler
>Speaking of all of this intercooling and aftercooling...
>The Typhoon system is a unique air to water intercooler.  Aparently, the
>vehicle acts like it is non-intercooled, until a certain engine
>temperature.  When that temperature is reached, say 200F, the "seperate
>water cooler" begins to go to work.  I do not believe this piece is part of
>the cooling system, per say, because it uses seperate fluid and mechanics.
>The only down side to this operation, is that when the engine hits 200F,
>the fans come on, and cool the engine down again, thus, stopping the
>operation of the water cooler.  Now, this is why all the guys racing the
>Typhoons and Cyclones quickly defeat this system in the early stages of
>This system, in its stock form, is not much better than our air to air
>systems, save the terrible placement of our interheaters, IMHO.
>Regarding this Vortech Aftercooler on the Tiny Avenger...
>I can't believe that anyone would even ponder spending $1500 to gain .25 or
>similar in the quarter mile.  Just like everyone is saying, and I will
>perpetuate, use ice on the throttle body and intercooler before your run,
>and you will do well.  Just don't idle for more than 3 minutes after
>removing the ice or your gonna suffer from heat-soak.