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Re: Scott's Setup

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Carl Morris wrote:

> > I am not sure either way, but joe says there is a chance the screwed up
> > meteris helping the car.  I guess sayin that it may be supplying extra
> > needed fuel.
> I'm definitely not going to try to outguess Joe on this ;-), but I'm
> not seeing how extra fuel would be desirable, since you're already
> running very rich due to the Merkur no-IC computer...

Well, with the Merkur computer, I can see where a good intercooler and
lots of boost might run Scott on the lean side...Just having the "big" 
vane on there probably would make it run even leaner (Joe/Scott might want
to check me on this) since the spring is tighter and the voltage
boundaries are the same (0-5 V). Having the spring loosened would help him
run richer, sooner, but at WOT probably the same as the small vane (fuel
wise). The FP regulator must have caused him to run so rich (didn't he
mention that earlier? I deleted a bunch of mail).


I am curious to know what you plan on doing to the fuel system eventually
with the T-04 and that huge Volvo intercooler? Would it be a matter of
having to get a (dare I say) FP regulator?