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Re: Scott's car...

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Matt R Carlson wrote:

> And here I thought that cory was the only person who bought his "new"
> sparkplugs at the junk yard ;)

Hey, they got me by until I could afford the $65 STOCK Motorcraft wires
from our local Ford dealer >:(. Matt, you should verify to Joe and Scott
how expensive they are for parts. I'm sure they think I am too cheap to
buy parts for my car or just lie about the prices. Joe, did I ever tell
you they wanted $17 per rocker for the stock jobs! Or about the $77 head
gasket? Matt got a quote for like $250 for the stock inline pump for his
SVO. Have you ever seen the front fender moldings on a mid 80's T-Bird
(the 6" piece in front of wheel well)? We picked _one_ up for $90 last
winter when fixing up a friends car....

No wonder Ford is dropping them.

later, (gripe, gripe)