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Re: Scott's Setup

Cory Erickson wrote:

> Well, with the Merkur computer, I can see where a good intercooler and
> lots of boost might run Scott on the lean side...

Why's that?  I thought all the non-IC computers ran very rich (~10:1@WOT).
Now once he reaches 100% duty cycle, he might go very lean after that ;-).
He shouldn't hit that point until he's making another 50hp or so...

> Just having the "big"
> vane on there probably would make it run even leaner (Joe/Scott might want
> to check me on this) since the spring is tighter and the voltage
> boundaries are the same (0-5 V).

I can see how the big meter could make him leaner if he's getting twice
the airflow at a given opening angle than the small meter, and the voltage
versus vane angle ratio is the same on both meters.