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SVO: FS: 79 coupe(tiny avenger project anyone??)

I have a 79 coupe for sale. Its currently a 2.8 V6 that has supposedly jumped
time.It is equipped with a 4 spd and is in grey primer with red interior. The
car is in Maryland.$200 or best offer if anyone wants a project, I certainly
dont need another one. Giving up this car is part of my therapy for CCA(Car
Collectors Anonymous) Someone help me with this affliction.

86 SVO red
88 LX (supercharged)
84 GT conv.
79 GT conv.
87 Mark VII LSC-R
65 Fastback
85 T-bird Turbo coupe
78 Ford van
79 coupe (lonely and needs a home)
+ 3 parts cars.

President of CCA ( I am pres. because I need the most help)