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Re: Huh?

On Thu, 20 Nov 1997, joseph edward morgan wrote:
> >>The mass air system will measure and process air flow changes
> dramatically
> faster with a higher degree of accuracy. With our system the pressure drop
> acrooss the outlet of the meter is reduced from about 1 psi to less then
> 1/4
> psi. This along with the other advantages will help you make more power
> over
> the modifications you have done.
> Say what?????

Since when do you experience pressure across the vane? Vacuum maybe...he
should put it in real world terms :)

I understand he must have been testing it on a flowbench of some kind (or
just making the numbers up...), but how realistic are his results? What
kind of pressure was he trying to force through the vane? I love how they
just quote numbers and throw out stats with no supporting documents or
references. When are they going to send out some scans of dyno runs? How
about some technical data on their "system?" I would love to analyze their
algorithms :). 

I still think we should back Nick into a corner and get him to submit a
free one for beta, "real world" evaluation. If he denies it, then he will
look like a fool.