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Re: listening to gurus was Sig


I take mine to Esslinger...I had the valves done there, but Dan told me
himself that I shouldn't bother with doing a full porting job...

I guess that's one of the big differences between ETS and Esslinger -- Dan
Esslinger won't try to sell you stuff you don't need.  

Anyways...IMO, in a perfect world, where you have unlimited time and
money, a ported head would be better than a non-ported head.  The point is
that considering the expense, you'd be better off just cleaning up the
head a little and concentrating on stuff that'll produce significant
gains, rather than worrying about more "esoteric" mods, like trying to
even out the flow of a 2.3 head.

If you just can't do anything else because of some type of sanctioning
body rules, then go for it -- otherwise, don't waste your hard-earned
(?...:)) money.