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Re: SVO: Re: looking for parts

 The computer is an E.E.C.IV, the same as all other S.V.O.'s.The strategy
is different on the 84/early 85 models though.
At 05:47 PM 11/20/97 -0800, Andy Haydock wrote:
>> i am looking for an 8.8 rear with at least 3.55 gears or larger, a TCIC,
>> some beafier swaybars for my 84 svo, anybody on the west coast have some
>> sale? i am based out of santa cruz, ca so the closer the better? also
>maybe a
>> panhard bar ? i am trying to set up my car for the ultimate open track
>> so i can show those 5.0's the quick way around a race track..
>This got me to thinking... what kind of computer did the 84 SVO have?