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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #18

Hi guys...new member here.

My name's jonathan gleason...I'm new to SVOs, just bought a 85, but not
new to Mustangs...I am the Technical Support Mgr for Griggs Racing. I
have been building and driving roadcourse mustangs for about 5 years

I hope nobody gets offended here, but I'm gonna cut the 85 up, add a
tube frame front and rear clip and run it in SCCA's new vintage class as
an 84/85 Trans-Am/GTU car. 

I have already fab'd up a 3.5" exhaust from the turbo back and out the
side of the car infront of the rear wheel. I am assembling a steel crank
motor for the thing so I can spin some real rpm with it, but i need info
about stock injector size (kinda light green on top) and fuel pump
delivery rates (chassis mounted like and Sierra or Merkur.

also any feedback regarding the best choice for intake manifolding and
or header applications would be nice.  

PS did ford build any 2300 turbos with the T-body facing forward or am i
going to have to fab up a new upper plenum to plumb a big front mount


By the way...our Fabricator at GRP and I can make some pretty Kooky
stuff...if you guys need help with fabbing or engineering let us know.