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Re: SVO: Re: Some Ideas on Preformance Exhaust For The Turbo Coupe

All of our exhaust system have smooth bends on them. You are talking about
die's that have teeth cut into them, this kind will crinkle the inside of the
bend's. As with anything else in the market place that is sold for a fair
price. If you think you can build a 3'' downpipe that will bolt to the stock
turbo flange and bolt to the stock Ford cat, including new bolts nuts,
washer, built in steel gasket and hanger and still fit right let me know.
Because you can do it for under $25.00, at this price I will buy them from
you. As for the Classic Corral pipe I have been told it is a very nice
downpipe. But it does not have a flange to bolt it to the cat. This part
add's to the cost of the pipe, the Merkur's use a bolt on cat system.  Alot
of people over the years have made claims about cheep performance parts. well
most of the time they are just cheep junk.