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SVO: Merk parts

        Hey Everyone,
  On one of my weekly scrap yard runs I found an `85 XR4Ti hiding in a
corner.  Since I know the owner, I got to pay a "reasonable fee" and
basically, I can take everything short of the chassis itself.  So, I have
some parts for sale now.  I'm posting here because I know some of you have
XR's, but could some please foreward this to the Merk list for me (I don't
know where to send it).  Thanks.

`85 Merkur XR4Ti  (silver)

Hood (a few small dings, but otherwise perfect)  $50
Vane meter  $40
CPU (E5ZE-12A650-F1C)  $50
Bi-plane spoiler (w/bracket and all hardware)  $75
Rear quarter windows (the small ones)  $25 a side
Side moulding  $make offer
Rear bumper cover  $75
Door glass  $50 a side
Misc dash parts  $neg
Steering wheel  $50

E-mail me with needs and offers.  Thanks.
                                                Bug Bug