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Re: Late night work?

Chris Roth wrote:

> Are you working the late shift now or did you get a computer at home?
>  This seems really late for you to be on the web from work.

Yeah, especially on a Friday ;-).  You caught me...work finally
got me set up at home.  I didn't spend any money on it...

> I talked to the local Volvo junk yard here in Ft. Collins and he
> informed me that he had 11 740 Turbo Intercoolers.  He said he also
> has all of the tubing and actually sounded interested in making
> something work.  I might see about picking up a Intercooler and as
> much tubing as possible and pay around with the 86.

Are they big and flat?  I'd like to find one that I could put where
my A/C radiator thingie used to be...

> I am going to tear out the interior in the 86 and clean it up and fix
> the squeaks/heater core/heater controls.  I think I would sell the 86
> if someone was interested, but I am not advertising.  It only costs
> me $30/month for insurance on the car.

I just bought a heater core and thermostat to do mine.  I've been
procrastinating it, but I do need to get going on it.  I'll be putting
in a new dash pad at the same time.

Well, a friend of mine at work and I have been doing some more
lunch hour karting.  He got the bug so bad that we went to Glenwood
Springs today to get one from a guy that's switching to shifters.
Just thought you'd be interested to know...;-).  Later...