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Re: listening to gurus was Sig

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Chris Roth wrote:

> Scott wrote:
> >... Everyone else wants to listen to the "gurus" that have
> > 14 second cars, modified.
> I take some offense to that remark.  I have the 86 SVO running an 
> altitude corrected 13.60@96.7 with only a K&N, TC Intercooler, 3" 
> downpipe, ATR dual 2.5", and 17psi.  I listen to the gurus as well as 
> you guys and use what all hot-rodder use and know.  
why are you offended?  I'm jus sayin I dont know how some of these guys
are experts, and their cars are so slow...

> It is my personal belief (based on testing) that the TC Intercooler 
> does give 10-15hp and 3" downpipe does help over the 2.25 downpipe.  

 Who is saying a 3" pipe doesn't help?  Not me.  Im saying it depends on
 what the rest of the system is like.  If you have a factory merkur 2.25" 
 cat and cat back, your not gonna pick up power by putting on a 3" pipe
 when the restriction is still there. Kinda like putting on a 5" tip for
 that extra flow.  Too bad the added regoin of flow is only the tip and
 not the whole system. 


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