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SVO: I give......


Well, your faithful scrutinizer and bs sifter has quit.....I just dont
care anymore.  nick, and any other vendor, go ahead, intro all the new
snakeoil parts you want, I wont say anything.  magazines, do all the
flawed tests you want, I wont read into them.....
Taking the vocal position I have is a pain in the ass, and I am tired of
being looked at as the guy who is just looking to bitch.  Well, I hate to
say it, but its too easy when there is this much bs floating around.   I
am tired of being the only one that doesn't go "Boy, that doesn't make a
whole lotta sense".
In the past day I have have been thinking...what do I get out of it?
For me to say,"if I kept one person from wasting his money on a usless
part it was all worth it" would be a lie.  I jus hate to see people waste
money on stuff, and really hate to see someone make a living off of having
people waste money.  But I moreso, I don't enjoy getting bitched at for
trying to make our 2.3s faster, not jus more expensive and exotic.

Contrary to how it may look, I do not get off bashing people who sell
stuff.  I recommend alot of companies depending on what car, its jus that
in the 2.3 world there is not a whole lot to do, or experianced shops.
I am into VW's but threre are very few companies I talk bad about.  Same
with 5.0s.  So why do you think I talk bad about a few 2.3 vendors?  

And I admit, I may be wrong on a 3" downpipe on a stock car witha  stock
cat and a stock 2.25" cat back..I dont think when everything else is stcok
the factory headpipe is a restriction.  As a 4th year Mechanical
Engineering student, a student who is gettting a B in his Fluids class, it
doesn't make a whole lotta sense on the surface.  And I asked for numbers
to actually quantify the flow difference, and got nothing.
and then comes the expansion chamber thoery. Well, the back pressure of a
3" pipe would equal that of the 2.25' pipe(exit conditions being equal) in
less than .03 seconds.
the only way I can see it helping is because the exhaust gas is swirling
at the turbo exit, and maybe the added diameter of the pipe lets it get a
smoother transition to an axial flow....but noone involved in the pipe
mentioned this, and thier knowledge is supreme, so I guess not.  But see,
I am humble enuff to admit it...

But, anyhow....I am done criticising.  Buyer beware.  Enjoy.

*putting on his waders*


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