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Re: SVO: 2.3 Heads

On Sun, 23 Nov 1997, Chuck Tristani wrote:

> Currently rebuilding a 88 TC head, and I know that it is one because I
> pulled it off the motor.  But there are a couple in a nearby salvage
> yard the guy says are off TC's but they are sitting on his workbench.
Basically look for a head that has D shaped intake ports.  if they are
oval pass on it.  Look at the chamber. If it is round with a flat side,
ok. If it is fully round or has a little divider popping up on one side
making the chamber heart shaped, its not a turbo head.  also there is a
vairience ont he turbo heads that some dont have the bolthole drilled int
he right place for the frontmost upper intake bolt.  gotaa have that.
Also, while your there, check the things for cracks. they crack alot
between the valves.
Lastly off the top of my head make sure the #1 and #4 runners are angled.
If they are straight its off a ranger 2.0.
if it has 8 plugs its offf a latemodel stang or ranger.



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