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Cutting up an '85 SVO

>I'm gonna cut the 85 up, add a tube frame front and rear clip and run it
>in SCCA's new vintage class as an 84/85 Trans-Am/GTU car.

No doubt you'll get lots of screaming at you for this, but it's your car so
do what you want.  Beside all that work you want to do should make your
1.05g (skid pad) car be able to turn at least 1.10g.  And not only will it
not make the car to terribly uncomfortable, but you'll even be able tell
the difference in handling.

NOTE TO ALL:  The mods I did to my SVO's suspension were to drop it 1.5"
with progressive rate springs and put on all new Koni's.  The rear shocks
are now the yellow Koni's.  I was hoping that this new springs (et.al.)
wouldn't degrade the handling too much, but it did.  Much rougher than I
wanted and I scrape bottom a lot too.  Yes, yes, yes the handling is
flatter and sharper, but the dampening is just too harsh for the street.
Think about it befor to take this well balanced cars too far.