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SVO emblems


	What is the proper location of the fender and hatch "SVO" and 
"Mustang SVO" emblems.  I have a new set that I have been holding on to 
that I want to put back on the car.  The old ones have been off for so 
long that I can't remember exactly where they were.

	It seems to me that the fender emblems were about 3/4" above the 
bevel for the body side molding and off center (toward the front wheels).

	I have a pretty good idea of how the rears fit, but want to be 
sure they're right.

	If someone could grab a ruler and take a couple of quick 
measurements, I would be very appreciative.  Oh yeah, it's an 86 with the 
chrome/plastic emblems all around.

85&86 SVOs