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Re: Late night work?

Chris Roth wrote:

> So are you a tele-commuter or just have the option to work both at home or
> work?  

I wish...;-).  No, it's just there in case I want to do any overtime ;-).
I still gotta spend 40 at the office.

> What kind of phone line did they install, ISDN!?  I wish I could get
> away with working at home, but I probably would not get much work done.

No, hell no.  I just have my one phone line with a 56k US Robotics modem.

> >Are they (Volvo Intercooler) big and flat?  I'd like to find one that I
> >could put where my A/C radiator thingie used to be...

My mail did a weird thing and cut off everything you might have written
here and started another message with:

> Where did you get the dash pad?  I am in search of one also, let me know if
> you find another.

You can do what I did any time...I finally gave in and gave "Philly Tim"
$275 for it.  New ones are $400+