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Re: SVO: Road Trippin

Chuck Tristani wrote:

> My brother and I did this (my SVO, and his 1989 GT).  In the quarter we
> are very competitive, each pushing low low 13's, but on these mountains
> I left him in the dust!

I've definitely had the same kind of experience.  A friend of mine in
the army had an 87 GT which would beat my stock 85 SVO pretty easily
in the quarter.  Whenever we'd go out and drive backroads fairly hard
he couldn't hang though.  I knew I wasn't that much faster on a
it turns out that it was bumps that were killing him.  The SVO soaks up
road imperfections and lets you concentrate on driving a nice line,
while the GT hops,skips, and jumps around until you're too scared to
push any harder.

> Anyone know of any other great driver roads??

A favorite of mine is the road through Custer National Park in
South Dakota near Mount Rushmore.  It's like a go-kart track...